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Collective marks and regional collective marks (JPO)

We have extensive experience on collective mark and regional collective mark registration. There are some registrations of collective and regional collective marks by non-Japanese organizations/associations including ones for which we were involved as applicants’ attorneys.

Geographic indications (MAFF)

In 2012, a new framework for protecting geographical indications for agricultural products under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ("MAFF") has begun under one of their study groups. Chikako Mori is a member of the study group.
In 2015, the new registration system for geographic indications has come into effect. "Quality inspection" and "Enforcement of rights by government" are the keys of this new system. This system is open to non-Japanese organizations/associations of agricultural, forest and fishery products (including processed products).
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Practice Area

We are fully committed to supporting clients in the intellectual property areas of: